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North West’s Latest Viral TikTok Proves She’s a Zombie-Makeup Prodigy – See Video

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North West‘s curiosity with makeup has been flourishing before our very eyes. She’s one of our favorite members of beauty TikTok – where celebrities and creators alike shade unfiltered product reviews and sput-of-the-moment tutorials.

The @kimandnorth TikTok page has been right on that beat. On December 7, West, a creative tween with some of the market’s most well-known beauty products at her disposal, once again went viral on the app, this time with special effects zombie makeup

Don’t let Dean Martin’s “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” playing in the video’s background confuse you, because the look feels more Halloween than holiday glam. Bright red face paint, fake blood, and her impressive application of 3D to create the illusion of melted skin made for a look that would fit right into a horror film.

Her zombie face makeup was all about focusing on the lower section of the face and down; her lips, jawline, and neck appeared particularly gruesome. But West still used the baking technique on her under-eye area using translucent powder, so it seems. Spotted in her collection of brushes was the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7 – a dual-ended brush suited for just about anything.

She’s got a knack for costume makeup that fits right in with spooky season. First came the Minion makeover on mother Kim, then came disguising her as “Mommy Grinch.” Now, as West completes her zombie makeover with a skeleton-esque contoured nose, she’s solidified her status as a makeup whiz in the making. 

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