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Niecy Nash Looks Totally Different With This Two-Toned “Strawberry Shortcake” Hair — See Photos

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I’ve watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit a ridiculous amount of times. So naturally when I saw Niecy Nash‘s new “strawberry shortcake” hair, I was beyond excited because she looked like the live-action Jessica Rabbit of my dreams. 

Jessica Rabbit is known for her mane of long red hair, curvaceous body, and being the wife of Roger Rabbit, who is, as you can guess, a rabbit — Nash might not be married to a rabbit, but she does have the body and now the hair color of the animated sex symbol. On July 5, Nash posted a clip showing off her bright two-toned hair and the “new” personality that came with it. 

The bright hair was parted on the side and fell in blunt curls towards her chest. The color is a mix of magenta and burgundy hues that create a unique red blend. The blend of the darker and lighter reds is absolutely disrespectful because nothing in this world should look that perfectly blended. 

“This red hair got me feeling a way… The best way I can describe it is that I was feeling like a Pop Tart. Here’s the proof,” Nash said in a voiceover. Feeling like a Pop Tart seems to involve a pool, bubblegum bathing suit, and dancing,or as she put it,  “shake[ing] what my mama gave me.”

At the beginning of the clip, you can see her pink eye makeup and glossy brown lips, too. Her long, chrome, almond-shaped nails appeared to be similar a similar color to her hair.

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