Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Naturally, Shakira Has Pink Mermaid Hair in Her New Music Video — See the Photos

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Shakira‘s hair is truly magical. Her long, thick waves inspire major feelings of envy — especially when they’re pastel pink. The musician changed up her color for her new music video “Copa Vacía” and literally turned herself from a global superstar to an enchanted mermaid.

In the official video, which also stars Manuel Turizo, Shakira ditches her dark honey blonde hair in favor of waist-length cotton candy pink beach waves and a turquoise mermaid tail to boot. At first, we see her laying on a pile of garbage near the ocean with her hair spread all around her, and while the garbage aspect is gross, her hair is so stunning it’s really all you can focus on. The musician also wears pink makeup, including a soft hint of pink eye shadow and a matching lip, for an ethereal, romantic otherworldly glow.

The waves change shape a few times throughout the video. At one point, mermaid Shakira has been captured by Turizo and sings while in a half-full tank of water, her waves looking pristine despite the surroundings. In another shot, she lounges on a couch wearing a glittering crown. Later, she’s drenched and in human form, and despite the fact that her hair is soaking wet, it still looks perfect. That must be the mermaid magic at work. At the end of the song, we see Mermaid Shakira once again on the pile of mud and trash looking beautifully forlorn, and her hair is once again unbelievably gorgeous despite the surroundings. Watch out, Mermaid Barbie Dua Lipa! Shakira is coming for you!

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