Friday, June 14, 2024

Naomi Campbell Is a ’70s Disco Queen With Massive Curly Hair — See Video

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Usually, when I see the hypothetical asking which period would you want to live in, my answer is always the present because I’m a bisexual Black woman, which explains enough. However, I’m starting to slightly amend that statement because I would love to go back to the late ’70s, if only to pop in for the nightlife at the legendary Studio 54. And I was reminded of how fun and chaotic the experience would be when I saw Naomi Campbell‘s big voluminous ’70s curls

Campbell debuted the new look in Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2023 campaign, and the brand posted a photo and video of the supermodel on Instagram on August 24. Dressed in a stunning, shiny red gown, Campbell showed exactly why she is heralded as one of the first supermodels with each pose in the short clip. Her curls were huge and surrounded her like a mane. These ringlets were cut into layers, so the shortest pieces fell towards her chest while the longest tips touched her lower back. 

As she moved in the video, so did her spirals. Watching as they fell into her face at times and trailed behind her in other moments reminded me of disco legends like Diana Ross and Cher. I can hear Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” playing in the background every time I watch the video on mute (and honestly, feel like this was a missed opportunity for a disco track). 

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