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Mexican Pop Star Kenia Os Is a Social Media Success Story

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But Os has stripped back the spacey makeup and costumes as she heads into the next chapter of her career. As we chat over Zoom, her jet black hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She has on a white t-shirt and neutral shades of blush and lipstick from her makeup line. And she speaks openly and honestly as she lets Allure get to know the young woman from Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Allure: How does it feel to be representing Mexico with your music and your brand?

Kenia Os: I feel proud to be Mexican. Also, to be a Mazatleca [a person from Mazatlán]. Wherever I go, I carry in my heart my city and the people I love. I also feel a big responsibility because I know the impact my music has had in Mexico. My name and my career represents my country. I feel a responsibility to do great work and to give the best of myself and to get better every day. Beyond representing my country, I’m feeling proud every day about the artist I’m becoming and how that’s reflected in my fans who I’m helping out and inspiring.

Allure: Why did you want to expand your brand to include the K Os Beauty line?

KO: I’m 100 percent a fan of makeup. One of the things I enjoy the most is to put on a video, drink my coffee, and do makeup for like an hour and half or two hours. I’ve been putting on makeup since I was 12, hiding from my mom and my grandma because they wouldn’t let me [wear it]. Once I had money to invest, I knew one of my first projects was going to be creating a makeup line.

Allure: You’re stuck on a long flight and want to look your best when you land. What products are in your carry-on?

KO: My favorites to use are lipsticks, blush, and mascara. Those are my favorite products. From my collection, I love the lipsticks I have. I also have a lip plumper that hasn’t come out yet. My All Day / All Night Eyeshadow Palette that we just released, I’ve been taking it everywhere with me. It’s perfect for all occasions, whether you want a natural or heavy makeup look. Those are the basics for me wherever I go.

K Os Beauty Matte Lipstick Set

K Os Beauty All Day / All Night Eyeshadow Palette

Allure: What’s your skin-care routine like?

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