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Martha Stewart Just Revealed the Secret to Her Voluminous Hair — See Photo

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It’s so cute when TikTok discovers a beauty idea that’s been around for decades and swarms around it like it was some groundbreaking new concept. Preparation H under the eyes? Not new, my sweet summer children (or safe, for that matter). For the last year, one particular hairstyling tool has been getting a lot of attention on the app, and now, even Martha Stewart was seen using the technique. But believe me when I say the legendary host and entrepreneur didn’t discover this affordable way to add volume and bounce from TikTok.

Have you figured out what tool I’m talking about yet? Nearly 300 million viewers of the #velcrorollers hashtag on TikTok probably have. 

On Monday, June 19, Stewart posted a photo to Instagram where she was “getting ready for a special project.” She’s wearing all black while sitting in a makeup chair alongside makeup artist Nicole Daisy Toye, who’s taking the photo in the mirror. And while Toye deserves praise for the gorgeous makeup look she did, it’s impossible to ignore what’s going on in Stewart’s hair: three big, purple Velcro rollers

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Stewart uses Velcro rollers. Unlike other types of rollers that are made to create curls, these lightweight, hollow, textured tubes are an easy, efficient way to make any blowout look fuller and have more body. (And if you saw Stewart’s recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot, you know her bob had some serious volume.) You can also use them on damp hair and let it air dry, stylist Michael Dueñas has previously told Allure.

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