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Mariah Carey Brought Her Big Natural Curls Back From 1990 — See the Photos

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Mariah Carey’s curls are just as legendary as her music, which is really saying something. When she hit the music scene in the early ’90s, Carey was rocking a head full of full, fluffy ringlets. While she typically wears her hair in a bombshell blowout these days, Carey did bring back the curls for a truly adorable TikTok video alongside her team and her twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

Carey couldn’t resist showing off her take on the “Touch My Body” TikTok trend, given that, well, it’s her song everyone has been dancing to. Mimi’s video begins with the musician in full glam, her honey blonde curls cascading down her shoulders and back over her cropped denim bustier top; these aren’t Old Hollywood waves or barrel curls, but rather the iconic Carey spirals, ready to take on TikTok and 2023. Carey is fully made up, but her team touches up her makeup as she lip-syncs the intro, and suddenly everyone is dancing, including Roc and Roe, who also have some pretty enviable curls of their own.

Of course, Carey gets her moment in the spotlight too, hopping to the front of the group to play with her hair as she sings her own lyrics. The curls are on fire, the lashes are major and I absolutely need the name of that pink blush. It’s all so good, and it’s made even better by the fact that the twins pop in to sing with their mom at the end. My cuteness quota has been filled for the day, that’s for sure.

Carey wears her hair in its natural curls on occasion, like when she hit the town with Monroe in matching curls and black-on-black outfits, or when the humidity did its thing with her texture. Angelic vocal talent, gorgeous hair, adorable twins and a viral TikTok … Mimi really has it all!

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