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Margot Robbie Styled Her Hair Like One of My Childhood Barbies — See the Photos

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Barbie and I have a deep history. I got my first doll at the tender age of two circa 1990 and we’ve been pals ever since, so the Barbie movie is basically the culmination of everything I love. Thus, I’ve been watching Margot Robbie’s press tour looks like a hawk, admiring how she and her team channel the many, many Barbies of the past while giving it her own personal spin. For the Mexico premiere of the Greta Gerwig-helmed movie, Robbie threw it back to the Barbies of my youth with a crimped wavy style straight outta the ’90s.

Robbie’s inspo for the evening was very likely Earring Magic Barbie from 1992, whose long hair was styled in trendy bends all the way to her ankles. Robbie’s version was a little more subdued than the doll of the past, but if you coveted Totally Hair Barbie or were lucky enough to own one, you’d clock that crimp from a mile away! Given that Robbie has planted all sorts of Barbie-related Easter eggs in her press looks, it’s no surprise she’d be finding inspo from said Barbie and her close relation Totally Hair Barbie; while every Barbie has great hair (until you cut it or tangle it in one of those plastic brushes, anyway), Totally Hair Barbie was a whole mood.

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For the 2023 take on this iconic toy, Robbie’s rooty blonde hair was parted to the side and pinned by one ear, then styled in loose, yet defined waves. It looked as though she’d slept in braids or heated up the three-barrel iron instead of resorting to the tight crimpers of the ’80s and early ’90s. It’s really too bad her costar Ryan Gosling didn’t channel Earring Magic Ken as a companion reference, but we’ve still got a lot of time left in this rollout.

The Barbie star wore light, minimal makeup, opting for light pink tones across her lids, cheeks and lips and a neutral manicure, and paired the waves with a very early-’90s mesh top and corset minidress, plus dangling silver heart and star earrings just like the doll’s titular jewelry. My child self would be obsessed with this head-to-toe look and recreating it on my own Barbies for a night out in their hot pink Porsche convertible. But since my dolls are safely stored at my parents’ house, I guess I have to recreate it on myself instead!

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