Saturday, July 13, 2024

Lizzo’s Latest Manicure Is Total Chaos, and I Mean That as a Compliment — See Photos

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Anyone with a tendency to be indecisive knows what a struggle it can be to order food, choose an outfit, or select a nail polish color. But when it comes to that last one, do like Lizzo and decide to be indecisive. Embrace it! In other words: Do something different on every nail, matchy-matchiness be damned.

Lizzo has spent the last few days announcing donations to difference-making Black organizations in honor of Juneteenth, and in those Instagram videos, she can be seen wearing a delightfully colorful, clashing manicure. The superstar tends to be very expressive and talk with her hands, so you have to hold your thumb down on the video at just the right time to get a glimpse of the details, but here’s what I’ve deduced so far.

Her pinkies appear to be an iridescent, sea-glass-like emerald green with steel-gray chrome tips. Her ring fingernails feature a hot pink and black distorted checkerboard pattern. Her middle fingers are covered in either rhinestones or tiny seashells (it really does look like both depending on which moment you pause the video). Her pointer fingers appear to be textured lemon and lime colors. And her thumbs? Forget it — I’m sure they’re fantastic, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what’s going on there.


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