Monday, July 15, 2024

Lizzo Paired Sweet Bantu Knots With Glittering Grills — See Photos

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The first half of Lizzo‘s Special tour is officially over (it picks up again in February) giving the pop star a break before she travels overseas for the rest of her shows. If you were concerned this would mean the end of all the glam she’s been feeding our souls with while she was on tour, the “About Damn Time” singer quickly proved there’s nothing to worry about. Even though she’s not performing onstage at the moment, Lizzo’s still blessing our social media feeds with her looks, including the super-cute Bantu knots and personalized grillz she just posted on Instagram.

The pop star uploaded four close-up selfies of her tiny buns and sparkling teeth on December 21 with the caption, “It’s giving AI generated” — a reference to the recent trend of folks sharing AI-generated illustrations of themselves on social media. Her hair was sectioned and styled into small Bantu knots around her head. One of the knots at the front was adorned with what looked like a floral accessory. Not a single baby hair is slicked down, letting her edges exist naturally.

If Lizzo is wearing makeup in these photos, it’s certainly on the subtle side. Our guess is that she added some rosy blush to her cheeks and nose, perhaps inspired by the cold makeup aesthetic that’s all over TikTok at the moment. Otherwise, it looks like just her freckles are covering the rest of her face.

Each photo gives a clear view of her grillz, but our favorite is the second one where she pulled at the sides of her mouth to show off her bedazzled teeth. Lizzo was added in gold to the silver grillz.

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