Saturday, July 13, 2024

Lizzo Matching Her Hair to Her Ski Mask Was Not on My Celebrity Beauty Bingo Card — See Photos

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One of my favorite things about Lizzo is how much fun she has with literally everything. So when I saw a video of her sprinting through a hallway while wearing a neon-pink ski mask with hair just as bright, it seemed like any other ‘ol Thursday. 

On July 20, the “About Damn Time” singer shared two separate Instagram posts of her matching ski mask and ponytail, and neither post had captions. The first post was a video with ominous music playing in the background as Lizzo sprinted down a hallway with her ski mask and pink hair. The second post was an Instagram carousel including seven photos showing Lizzo’s entire outfit. 

In addition to the ski mask, she also wore a cropped black T-shirt and multicolored distressed pants. Her pink mask covered everything but her eyes, lips, and a section at the crown of her head from which her ponytail sprouted. At the hot-pink ponytail’s base sat a sparkly silver scrunchie. The ends of her high ponytail were curled, cascading toward her collarbone area. 

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