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Lindsay Lohan Is the Happiest She’s Ever Been: Cover Story

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She bounces around the set of this photo shoot, littering the studio with smiles. The sunlight pouring across the studio floor threatens a comparison to Lohan’s own radiance. Lohan was surprised and delighted to disembark in New York with a fresh baby bump. “I popped!” she says. “She popped!” Everybody keeps saying so. And it is true: Even swaddled in a white robe, the bump has presence.

What happened after that is… maybe not worth getting too much into. Lohan’s career and her personal life between adolescence and young adulthood were the subjects of saturated media coverage in the 2000s. I don’t need to explain further because you already know that the facts of and gossip about Lohan’s biography are essentially American history. There were some DUIs and rehab stays. And if Lohan were interested in discussing the past, there might be an opportunity to explore some recent reflections on how the American media has treated young stars as they publicly navigate perfect storms of success, money, stress, and attention. 

But she is not, so we don’t. Instead, our conversations focus on the present moment, which Lohan seems to inhabit blissfully. Her latest roles are of her own design, including a rom-com deal with Netflix: last year’s Falling for Christmas and this year’s Irish Wish. “The Lindsay Lohan-aissance is coming!” Netflix proclaimed in a headline. And those are just the non-secret (to me) projects. 

Then there is the mother of all projects, set to debut very soon. In the hopes of attaining a geometrically perfect work-life balance, Lohan plans to rely on an extensive network of working mothers for advice. “I spoke to Jamie Lee Curtis recently,” she says, “and she was like, ‘You just bring the baby with you and everything will be fine.’” Curtis and Lohan are in discussions about a sequel to 2003’s Freaky Friday, Lohan’s highest-grossing film. It seems, then, the Lindsay Lohan-aissance is not on its way at all — it has already arrived. 

It’s possible, even likely, that at some point in the past decade you wondered in the silence of your heart, Where is Lindsay Lohan? The answer, for about eight years now, is Dubai — and it will continue to be for some time. 

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