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Libra Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF June 12 – 1 8, 2023

Your sleeves may be spun from the finest, imported silk, Libra, but when it’s time to roll them up, your stellar work ethic shines through. And that attitude will come in very handy starting this Saturday, June 17. From then until November 4, Saturn, the planet of boundaries, structure and hard-learned lessons, kicks off its annual four-and-a-half-month retrograde, this year in Pisces and your sixth house of duty, service and health.

Yes, all those things go hand-in-hand in the Libra playbook! For example, if you log longer hours at the office, you’ll accomplish more and serve more people—and your stress levels can climb, prompting you to take steps toward upping your wellness and especially self-care. This includes preventative medicine, so how about booking yourself that 90-minute massage followed by a nice, long soak in the tub?

If you’ve been having issues with Saturn-ruled body parts (your knees, teeth or skeletal system), get them checked out and schedule any necessary treatments or P.T. And try to reduce (or eliminate) the most stressful activities that can exacerbate pain. On the work front, even if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels over the next five months, stay the course. This is a great time for putting sustainable systems and structures into place. Granted, those aren’t the most glamorous elements of a job, but they can boost your productivity so that you can leave the office in time for poolside happy hour, which is VERY sexy!

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Wanderlust: rising! On Sunday, June 18 (late night June 17 in some places), the year’s only Gemini new moon does a frequent-flier-miles check as it charges up your ninth house of global adventures. Even as you’re getting your behind-the-scenes systems in order in anticipation of more (and more focused) work, the universe has something different in mind for you, Libra. If you’ve been dreaming about expanding or getting advanced training or professional certification—or taking an epic trip—this is GO time!

New moons are associated with fresh starts (or do-overs), so anything and everything is up for review over the next few weeks—peak manifesting time—and even months! The one tiny caveat? Beware “chasing a wild hare” syndrome. In mercurial Gemini, this lunation could scatter your thoughts and pull you in different directions, possibly at the same time.

Not sure what new mission to pursue? Give yourself unpressured time to think, and FEEL, your way through different options. This activating energy will be in effect until the corresponding Gemini full moon on November 27. But if you can’t scratch the itch to travel, enroll in a course or test the waters on an entrepreneurial project. And if time, money or opportunities aren’t available now, you can always widen your cultural horizons virtually. Take free webinars, listen to TED talks, devour YouTube videos that speak to your passion. Set a few clear goals and commit to taking one concrete step toward them every day. Little by little, you’ll reach your summit.

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