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Leo Horoscope October 2023: Read Monthly Predictions

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Any horoscope with your best interest in mind will remind you that solid and honest communication is the basis of any relationship. However, it’s also totally cool if you want to put off having any major talks on and around Saturday, October 14, which brings a new moon and solar eclipse in Libra and your 3rd House of Communication. Stress levels will feel high, as will misunderstandings. It’s okay to chill out with your friends, but it’s a great night to stay in. After all, Halloween is coming up, and there’s a second eclipse of the month that comes with it. Save the drama for that. 

But before October leaves you with that second bang, the stars have a few more assignments for you. Expect any conversations you delay (and yes, you can put them off by asking to wait until after the eclipse) around the eclipse to come out of hiding by the time chatterbox Mercury enters passionate Scorpio and your 4th House of Home and Family on Saturday, October 21. Most likely, you’ll find yourself negotiating boundaries with roommates Leo. You could also discuss the possibility of moving in with someone, whether it’s a partner or friend. 

The sun enters Scorpio, kicking off spooky Scorpio season on Monday, October 23. Now, you’re a Leo who was encouraged to look extra hot this month. Staying in may feel very counterintuitive around Halloween. But don’t be surprised if you have some burnout at the end of the month. Most of you will likely don some epic Halloween makeup and go party on Saturday, October 28, which brings the aforementioned second eclipse of October. Go out knowing that people may get into petty fights. To avoid confrontation, be careful about overindulgence, and if someone makes fun of your costume, ask yourself if this meanie’s opinion matters before you go off. You’re better than high school-level behavior, even if you’re actually in high school.

Important dates in October 2023:

Wednesday, October 4: Mercury enters Libra

Sunday, October 8: Venus enters Virgo

Tuesday, October 10: Pluto goes direct in Capricorn

Wednesday, October 11: Mars enters Scorpio

Saturday, October 14: New moon and solar eclipse in Libra

Tuesday, October 17: Juno enters Virgo

Saturday, October 21: Mercury enters Scorpio

Monday, October 23: The sun enters Scorpio

Saturday, October 28: Full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus

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