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Learn the Contouring Hack That’s Going Viral on TikTok

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We all know the best way to achieve a chiseled look is through contour, right?

Take it easy and put the work-out off for another week with this foolproof contour hack currently making the rounds on TikTok. Get a slimmer, sculpted looking face through this easy tip and look like a gym devotee without the hard work and commitment.

It’s all about placement and application.

Rather than the heavy-handed contour days of 2016, you want to apply only the softest touch of bronzer, letting the brush carry the product lightly to create a false shadow under your jaw and down your neck. As seen in the above video, the hack involves applying a dot of cool-toned bronzer right below your ear and blending forward. In doing so, you’re creating definition and masking a fuller looking neck and jaw. You can even help alleviate the look of a double chin with this method, creating a triangle shaped shadow right beneath your chin.

According to makeup artist Judi Gabbay, an angled brush can “help create the illusion of a sculpted jaw and avert any unwanted attention to a double chin.” In order to have the most believable chisel, Gabbay says you must bring the product up to the ear with the brush.

Celebrity makeup artist Lindsey Forrest adds that contouring your neck also helps create a complete look. “Bringing your makeup down the neck helps perfect discoloration in the neck area, and shapes this area of the body,” she says.

Now just combine this with the late summer trend that took us by storm this August, tantouring, and you have a semi-permanent sculpt that will linger even on your no-makeup days.

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