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Launch List: The Best Beauty Products Launching in October

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Hundreds of products come across our editors’ desks every month, but not all of them deliver on their claims or live up to the hype. (Not everything that goes viral on TikTok is a miracle worker.) This is our exclusive curation of the best-in-class beauty products receiving rave reviews from our team and hitting shelves right now.

Our Favorite New Beauty Products This Month

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Fig. 1 Micellar Oil Cleansing Wipes ($22)

When I first saw this launch, I questioned why Fig. 1, a generally forward-thinking, sustainable brand, would be putting a new makeup wipe into the world when we know they’re not great for the environment. I was relieved and exciting to see that Fig. 1 is putting its own spin on wipes that will make you feel good about doing your part to keep your skin clean and the earth happy.

Fig. 1 partnered with Conserving Beauty to develop revolutionary completely dissolvable wipes. I was shocked as I watched the wipe dissolve in my sink in just a few seconds. Not to mention, the wipe itself is amazing at doing its job. It’s soaked with the brand’s iconic Micellar Oil Cleanser and dissolves all traces of makeup with zero irritation. I’m already planning to put one in each of my bags to always have on hand.


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Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Micro Serum ($135)

Elemis has been consistently growing its Pro-Collagen Rose range, and this Micro Serum is the newest addition. The line uses patented Microfluidic technology to encapsulate Organic English Rose extract for the formula. The newest addition aims to lock in moisture, plump skin and enhance radiance.

Thanks to the 7,000 rose micro-droplets in each bottle and other skin-loving ingredients, this serum has the ability to firm and smooth fine lines in just two weeks. It also promises to deliver 72 hours of hydration using red algae, which promotes three times more hydration than hyaluronic acid.


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SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Advanced Eye Complex ($105)

SkinCeuticals has been pioneering anti-glycation skin care for years, and its newest product is another notch in its portfolio. The thin, delicate skin around the eyes is more susceptible to signs of glycation-related aging like crow’s feet and crepiness. SkinCeuticals used their over 15 years of research to create a product that is powerful and effective, yet gentle enough for the eye area.

The formula does everything you’d hope—it combats signs of aging associated with a decline in glycation and collagen, like crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles. The silky texture of the cream feels soothing when applied, but the hard-working ingredients like proxylane, blueberry extract, flavonoids and synergistic peptides mean business. In the meantime, while the formula is working towards reducing signs of aging at the skin level, optical diffusers diffuse light to help improve the appearance of dull, tired eyes.


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Anablue Treatment Oil ($42)

Influencer and bestie to Kendall Jenner Lauren Perez just launched a line of argan oil–based hair products. Hailey Bieber and Jen Atkin have already posted about the new brand. The rinse-out treatment oil is the first step in Perez’s wash-day routine. High-quality Moroccan argan oil, prickly pear seed oil, rosa damascena oil and geranium oil make up the hair-healing elixir.

The formula is great for repairing modern-day hair issues like damage from chemical treatments, heat styling and pollution. In addition to helping hair heal, it also protects against future damage. Usually, products go through rounds of updates, but this formula is actually the original blend Perez perfected in her home.


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Caliray Big Swell Lip Plumper ($24)

Glassy lips are the micro-trend of glass skin we’re absolutely loving right now, and we have the perfect new product to get the look. This clean formula delivers 40 percent fuller lips and the perfect amount of lip-plumping tingle. In just one swipe, you’ll notice shape and volume are enhanced, and a glassy shimmer and light tint glaze the lips.

The plumping cocktail includes hyaluronic filling spheres, AquaCacteen, collagen, ceramides and peptides. However, it’s not just about the 3D iridescent shimmer and lip-plumping properties—this formula also hydrates, smooths and softens the pout.


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Spongelle x EWC Treat Get Smooth Skin Clearing Buffer ($18)

A collaboration “everything shower” dreams are made of. Two iconic brands combined their powers to create an ultra-smoothing body buffer. Spongelle’s patented delivery method provides exfoliation to help combat ingrown hairs, bumps and breakouts. If body breakouts or clogged pores are your problem, this will help buff them out for silky smooth skin.

Swap your loofah for this two-in-one product with body wash pre-loaded in the buffer and time-released for maximum use. The body wash features polyhydroxy and salicylic acids to achieve the ideal gentle chemical exfoliation.


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FOREO Kiwi ($129)

Foreo just launched two new products under a whole new line called Kiwi, both of which are exciting innovations. The original Kiwi is a fast, safe, efficient device that removes deep-rooted blackheads, whiteheads, oil and other unsavory gunk with gentle vacuum suction.

Additionally, a blue LED light around the suction hole helps knock out any remaining breakout-inciting bacteria to prevent new bumps from forming. The once-a-week device also helps reduce the appearance of pore size and boosts the absorption of skin-care products.


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Clark’s Botanicals Heal + Hydrate B3 Cleanser ($50)

This foaming cleanser is packed with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, sea algae and green tea extract. It was developed with sensitive skin in mind, so it cleanses, brightens and energizes without disrupting the skin barrier.

The formula surpasses what a foaming cleanser generally is tasked with. This cleanser has serum-like benefits. It helps minimize the appearance of pores and improves tone while purifying and cleansing.


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Skincare Junkie Pore Therapy Daily Toner Pads ($38)

New York dermatologist Blair Murphy-Rose, MD, created Skincare Junkie so she could have products she was confident recommending to her patients. “I believe being a Skincare Junkie who’s addicted to feeling great in their skin is a really good thing,” says Dr. Murphy-Rose. “With the right information, and science-backed, clinically tested products, it’s an addiction that serves us well in the long run!”

The easy-to-use and adorable packaging houses some serious derm-developed formulas. The biodegradable toner pads are soaked in a proprietary multi-acid formula to combat congestion, improve texture, hydrate and foster a clearer complexion without provoking irritation.


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