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Launch List: The Best Beauty Products Launching in June

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Hundreds of products come across our editors’ desks every month, but not all of them deliver on their claims or live up to the hype. (Not everything that goes viral on TikTok is a miracle worker.) This is our exclusive curation of the best-in-class beauty products receiving rave reviews from our team and hitting shelves right now.

1 / 10

Kosas Wet Stick Moisturizing Lip Shine ($24)

“I call it a bougie lip balm,” says brand founder Sheena Zadeh-Daly. “It gives the lips sheer color and slight shine—it’s an impression of color that’s really casual and easy to wear. It also contains a high amount of squalane and ceramides to give you that yummy, comfortable, cushiony feeling, like skin care for your lips. We also included hyaluronic acid and peptides for that visible plumping effect.”

There are so many neutral shades to choose from with names inspired by a hot tropical vacation. Zadeh-Daly’s favorites are “Baby Rose, which is a really wearable pink look; Heat Wave, which is a warmer tone; Hot Beach; and Island High for that fiery look.”

2 / 10

belif Aqua Bomb PHA Exfoliating Toner Pads ($24)

The newest launch from the K-beauty brand focused on super hydrated skin, these pre-saturated toner pads contain both exfoliating and hydrating ingredients for a double-duty effect. The blend includes polyhydroxy acid (PHA), cica, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and two Napiers herbal formulas for hydration and moisturization.

The pad has two sides, and the brand recommends using them up to three times per week. Use the gauze side for a little physical exfoliation so the PHA really gets into your pores, and the embossed side for a softer application. I like to start with the gauze side for 30 seconds (also making sure to get my neck) and then switch to the other side for another 30 seconds or so.

3 / 10

LALICIOUS Kiwi Krush Sugar Scrub ($38)

I remember when I first tried LALICIOUS’s Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub years ago and raved to everyone I knew about how delicious it smelled, and how soft my skin felt. Now, the brand is debuting a limited-edition Kiwi Krush version that’s also to-die-for, just in time for summer (there’s also a Body Butter).

The scent is a mix of juicy kiwi, fresh pear and sweet musk, but kiwi isn’t just used to make the formula smell better. Kiwi seed oil is a star ingredient in the mix, which lends a moisturizing benefit to the gentle exfoliation you get from the whipped, 100-percent pure cane sugar scrub. Also, if you’re wondering what gives the scrub its green tint, the brand says it’s a natural colorant derived from red cabbage juice and turmeric. So fascinating!

4 / 10

LolaVie Intensive Repair Treatment ($35)

For those who consider breakage and damaged strands their biggest hair concerns, try this new weekly mask from Jennifer Aniston‘s beloved brand. I love that it is formulated without water, and instead fortified with bamboo essence, which makes it more eco-friendly. It’s also silicone-free, but still gives hair that soft, cared-for feeling.

The creamy formula is made with 99-percent naturally derived ingredients, including chia seeds, conditioning coconut, amaranthus, squalane, açaí, and the Rose of Jericho. The brand’s proprietary LolaVie Bond technology is clinically proven to reduce breakage by 68-percent after one use by shielding each hair fiber and protecting the cuticle for sealed and stronger strands.

5 / 10

LANEIGE Pink Lemonade Swirl Lip Sleeping Mask ($25)

Anyone I’ve ever gifted this lip mask to becomes hooked. If you haven’t tried any of the OG flavors, it’s not a bad idea to jump right into this limited-edition one, which makes me think of a patio party with friends, family and lots of icy-cold pink lemonade in the summertime.

Named the number-one lip treatment brand in the U.S. by NPD Group, this yummy swirl combines LANEIGE’s best-selling Berry flavor with a blast from the past, limited-edition Lemon Sorbet, which was a fan favorite as well. You can expect the same soft, supple lips come morning that you get with any of the other flavors, which is thanks to the brand’s Berry Fruit Complex, vitamin C, coconut oil, shea butter, and murumuru seed butter.

6 / 10

VOTARY Super Sensitive Cleansing Cream ($78)

The brand’s first non-oil cleanser, this fragrance-free formula was designed with super-sensitive skin in mind. “This nourishing cleansing cream is the best way to cleanse sensitive, reactive skin,” says bran cofounder Arabella Preston. “The soothing rinse-off formulation leaves skin clean and soft, while supporting your skin barrier through tough times.”

The standout responsible for all this nourishing, soothing action is the brand’s blend of 21 super seed oils (pumpkin, chia and flax, to name a few) that is enhanced with oat kernal extract, which is a known calming ingredient for sensitive skin. (Though it’s loaded with oils, none of them are essential oils, which may cause irritation for sensitive types.) Massage it into your face and neck with damp hands and then rinse clean.

7 / 10

ColorProof Humidity Rx Style Lock Spray ($35)

My hair does not do well in humid conditions, and therefore I’m always on the hunt for products that work to combat the frizzy mess I end up with, especially if my hair is freshly washed. This new vegan “weatherproof” spray works to create an invisible shield on the hair to help repel humidity (and the resulting frizz).

Unlike a hairspray, it’s not meant to add hold, but that’s also what I like about it because it feels like I have nothing in my hair. If you do need to use hairspray, use that first and then this as a last step (this should be the last step of your hair routine regardless). I also love the woodsy-coconut scent.

8 / 10

ABI AMÉ Summer Skin ($38)

Taking into account the fact that many people want to switch to a lighter-weight body moisturizer in the warmer-weather months, founder Yasmin Zeinab created this serum-lotion hybrid that hydrates like a rich lotion but feels like a barely there serum (it’s not sticky at all). Key ingredients include multitasking niacinamide, repairing vitamin B5, moisturizing saccharide isomerate, and hydrating oat extract. It’s also vegan and fragrance-free.

“The reality is that when it comes to skin care, our face gets all the attention,” says Zeinab. “We believe in adopting a skin-care mentality for the whole body. There’s a whole suite of pain points in the body-care space that hasn’t been addressed by existing products. That’s why we set out to create high-performing skin-care products for the body using the same nourishing and effective ingredients typically found only in products for the face, that solve specific problems we know our community experience.”

9 / 10

LUSH Naked Mascara ($14)

Always on the search for innovative ways to eliminate the need for plastic packaging, LUSH’s “naked” products are never short on innovation. Case in point: Its newest addition to the category, an eco-friendly mascara that comes in four shades, including black, brown, coral and blue. Each shade comes with one of three wands (as pictured here), so you can choose based on whether you want volume, definition or lash separation. The wands are made of 100-percent bio-based material (no plastic) that is recyclable, too.

Because this is unlike any other mascara you’ve probably used, the brand is offering some pointers for first-timers: Lightly wet the tip of the brush and place it into the mascara; move the brush around inside to coat the bristles; and then brush through your lashes like normal. When you’re done, rinse the brush thoroughly and let it air-dry. Then, shake your mascara upside down to ensure there’s no water remaining inside and let it dry.

10 / 10

MAËLYS GET-DREAMY Overnight Toning Body Whip ($49)

Infused with with drops of melatonin and valerian to encourage restful sleep, this nighttime body moisturizer uses topical milk thistle and Uva-Ursi leaf extract to reduce the appearance of dimply skin. In fact, in a 56-day clinical trial with 30 participants, once-a-day application at night proved to tighten the look of the skin, reduce the look of cellulite and reduce skin roughness. 

It also helps hydrate the skin thanks to the addition of passion fruit seed oil, making it a great product to apply after a hot shower (hot water strips the skin) if you shower at night. Also, like any firming body product, consistency is key!

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