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Kylie Jenner Says This Insecurity Is Why She Only Wore Her Hair Down For 5 Years

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Kylie Jenner gets honest about her insecurities and newfound outlook on beauty standards as a mother in the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, airing today. 

While glamming with sisters Kourtney and Khloe, the mother of two says she’s been seeing “so many young girls on the internet now fully editing” their photos to align with today’s beauty standards.

Kylie admits she “went through that stage too” and feels like she’s in “a better place,” but admits that “other people can still instill insecurities in you.”

Kylie’s Own Insecurities

Kylie then peels back the curtain on her own insecurities, one of which stemmed from her own family. The 25-year-old mogul explains how while growing up, her family would poke fun at her ears, jokingly referring to her as “Dopey” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Khloe explained they family did so because they thought she had cute ears, but Kylie says it wasn’t received that way. “I received it as everyone’s making fun of my ears,” Kylie shared. “That f–ked me up. I never thought about my ears, and then for like five years, I never wore an updo.”

How Motherhood Changed Her

Cut to becoming a mother to now 5 year old Stormi, and everything changed—including her outlook on beauty. “I had Stormi and she has my ears, and it made me realize how much I love them,” Kylie said. “Now, I wear an updo every carpet.”

In a confessional within the episode, Kylie clears up the misconception that she was an insecure child growing up, noting she was actually “the most confident kid in the room.”

“One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was like this insecure child, and I got so much surgery to change my whole face—which is false,” she said. “I’ve only gotten fillers.”

She continued, “I don’t want that to be a part of my story.”

“I’ve always loved myself, I still love myself,” Kylie Jenner added, “I’ll always want everyone to love themselves.”

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