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Kylie Jenner Just Combined the Milk Bath and Glazed Donut Nail Trends Into a Single Manicure — See Video

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There has been an overall shift toward simplicity when it comes to manicures over the last year. While we still see plenty of the super-long nails with elaborate designs, many of the celebrities who have typically opted for bold nail art on impractical extensions are toning it down with low-key colors on shorter lengths. And that includes Kylie Jenner. But just because Jenner is dabbling in subtler manicure styles doesn’t mean she’s any less trendy. In fact, she just married two of the biggest nail trends together in a single manicure.

When the video Jenner posted to TikTok on Thursday, June 8 begins, it seems she might be the latest celebrity to indulge in a milk bath manicure, much like Rihanna did recently. (Other fans of milky nails include Lizzo and Jennifer Aniston.) But after she’s seen curing them under a UV lamp (while wearing protective glovesnice), it becomes apparent that we’re not stopping and the milky look alone.

Nail artist Zola Ganzorigt followed up two coats of OPI Funny Bunny (also available as a traditional nail polish) with Tin Man Can from the brand’s pro line. It’s a chrome-finish powder that, once applied to Jenner’s shorter-than-usual, squared-off milky manicure, gave it a glazed-donut finish.

Jenner had the audacity to call the look “pearl nails,” which, yes, is basically an accurate description, but we’re in our nail-trends-with-very-extra-names era, so this is obviously a glazed milk donut bath mani, and we’re sticking to it, thankyouverymuch.

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