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Kourtney Kardashian Can Make Even a Basic Baby-Pink Manicure Exciting — See Photos

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It was starting to look like the end of the glazed donut nail craze, even from its originator, but the iridescent style might be as trendy as ever. Kourtney Kardashian recently hopped on the trend, posting her glazed donut manicure for her over 220 million fans and counting to see. 

Kardashian shared an Instagram dump on July 5 with the accurate caption, “selfies n stuff.” The first flick featured her in a strapless black bodycon dress and her hair tied into a high ponytail that cascaded towards her mid-back. You have to go to the fifth slide to see a close-up of the manicure. Similar to her last nailfie, Kardashian took a flick of her manicure with her Mercedes-Benz dashboard in the background. 

Los Angeles-based nail artist Kim Truong filed and painted Kardashian’s short squoval nails. She coated each nail in a nude pink hue and added an iridescent finish, likely achieved with a chrome powder. 

For Hailey Bieber’s similar signature glazed donut manicure, nail artist Zola Ganzorigt uses OPI’s GelColor in Funny Bunny and Tin Man Can Chrome Powder, which she shared in a tutorial on the brand’s TikTok page, the latter of which is only available to the pros. As an alternative, you can grab chrome powders from Amazon to DIY the shimmery manicure at home, or you can try a pearlescent top coat like Essie’s Expressie FX Nail Polish in Iced Out Top Coat over a polish of your choice.

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