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Kim Kardashian Is Actually a Practical Gifter

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Putting your Christmas tree in your living room only is so yesterday. According to Kim Kardashian, Christmas trees belong in any room you want—including a collection of trees lining your bathroom balcony. There’s extra, and then there’s Kim Kardashian extra.

By now, we know that a Kardashian Christmas comes second to none in the race for the merriest family in all of Hollywood. Like a kid waiting for Santa to shimmy down the chimney with gifts on Christmas day, each year, fans wait in anticipation to see all the extravagant ways the family can top their past holiday stunts—from lavish parties to their annual Christmas card to the sisters’ over-the-top trees that put all others to shame. So, of course, one would assume the Kardashian gifting swap would be just as luxurious and extravagant, especially receiving a gift from the mogul behind the bestselling shapewear brand Skims and her newest project, SKKN BY KIM. Luckily, we polled the serial entrepreneur for her (relatively affordable and practical) top picks for gifting this season. While we’ll never personally be on the receiving end of a lavish gift from Kim K herself, we can shop like her.

My holiday gifting tip is…

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to give a gift that you would also use yourself!

For the hypebeast beauty lover:

Skkn by Kim The Essentials 5-Piece Bundle, $305

Much of Kim K’s history with beauty is associated with heavy glam—sharp contour, smoldering smokey eyes, and a bronzed glow. But with Gen Z leading the shift toward “skinimalism,” Kim K’s return to the beauty world was a timely arrival. This five-piece set from Skkn by Kim embraces the notion that simple can be just as effective. Each product in the collection, which includes a cleanser, toner, serum, face cream, and oil, has key ingredients that play well on their own or when incorporated into an established routine.

Kim says: “I would gift our SKKN BY KIM 5-Piece Bundle because of all of the benefits you can get from these products to boost hydration and radiance.”

    For the interior decorator:

    Skkn by Kim Home Accessories 5-Piece Bundle, $417

    Sometimes, what makes a house a home isn’t a vast display of vibrant pillow throws, fuzzy rugs, and bold wall art. Simplicity is chic, too. If Kim K’s cream-toned neutral home has been on your mind since the viral sink moment, she created a collection of sculpted concrete home goods reminiscent of her very own pared-down pad.

    Kim says: “I’d also love to gift our Home Accessories bundle so my friends and family can add some extra tranquility and a modern feel into their spaces with these pieces.”

    For the gym junkie:

    Heat Healer Body Belt, $228

    Skip the recovery room at your local gym and wind down at home instead. This belt fuses three different therapies—red light, infrared, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) to relieve you of any pain (period pain included!) and soothe sore muscles.

    Kim says: “This heat belt is amazing at calming my muscles after workouts—it’s compact and easy to wear, so I think others would benefit from it as well!”

    My personal wishlist gift is…

    Oura Ring to help easily keep track of my health on a day-to-day basis.

    The Essentials 5-Piece Bundle

    Skkn by Kim The Essentials 5-Piece Bundle

    Now 15% Off

    Credit: Courtesy

    Home Accessories 5-Piece Bundle

    Skkn by Kim Home Accessories 5-Piece Bundle

    Now 15% Off

    Credit: Courtesy

    Body Belt

    Heat Healer Body Belt

    Now 20% Off

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