Thursday, May 30, 2024

Keke Palmer Got a Drastic Short Haircut You’ve Never Seen on Her Before — See Video

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On August 10, Keke Palmer snatched my edges and any hint of hair on my scalp with  her blue-streaked, layered hair. Though it’s been five days, she still hasn’t removed her foot from my neck, and she already has a new hair color and cut taking my breath away: a black, layered bob full of bounce and volume. 

Palmer first showed off her latest cut to Instagram on August 11 while giving her best friend a birthday shoutout, but the short video she shared on August 14 shows it off even better. In the clip, Palmer is lipsyncing along to her song playing in the background as she shows off her short cut from different angles. 

This short hair is just like an onion (or, you know, an ogre) with its many layers. The longest pieces of hair stopped around the nape of her neck while some of the shortest pieces grazed her cheekbones, basically forming curtain bangs. With a few more snips, this haircut would resemble a bowl or mushroom cut. 

Saying her hair was full of bounce and volume feels like an understatement. Her roots alone had enough lift to make any pageant queen clutch her crown in fear. It seems that the lightly curved ends also helped give it shape and body, especially the shortest pieces of hair, which were lightly curled toward the back.

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