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Julia Haart Skin Care: 5 Products She Uses to Glow at 52

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In a recent “get ready for a date with me” video filmed for NewBeauty, My Unorthodox Life’s Julia Haart took readers along on her quick but effective skin-care routine. Haart is makeup-free and glowing and camera, saying, “I am showing you my bare naked face so that I can show you my routine.”

Haart says the first step in her skin-prep routine is her “obsession,” the Ameon Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes (she is a business advisor for the company), which she slowly moves across her face to calm and hydrate the skin. “It feels so good,” she assures. 

Once her skin has dried from the Cubes, Haart selects between her two favorite eye creams “depending on how tired” she is: Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment and the Peptide4 Recovery Cream, also from Elemis. (Today, it’s the latter.) 

Next up: serums. The first supercharged serum Haart trusts on her skin is none other than SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum, which she applies all over her face and decollete. Then it is the Ameon Auroroa Glow Serum, which she describes as calming. “You don’t need a lot [of this],” Haart explains. 

Ameon Holy Cream Diamond Moisturizer comes next, a rich formula Haart says “your skin just drinks in.” And based on how radiant Haart’s skin looks after applying it, we’ll take her word for it and add to cart. 

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