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Jennifer Lopez’s Champagne Chrome Manicure Is Ready to Party — See Photos

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Jennifer Lopez vibrates on a different frequency. The woman is constantly working (yet making everything she does seem effortless), constantly innovating, constantly defying convention, and constantly thinking ahead. In fact, she’s thinking so far ahead that, while the rest of us are just now getting our Christmas and Hanukkah manicures, she’s already got the perfect set of New Year’s Eve nails.

On Tuesday, December 5, Lopez accepted an Icon Award at Elle‘s Women in Hollywood Celebration, where her outfit was undoubtedly iconic itself. The multi-hyphenate wore a jaw-dropping backless Grace Ling creation with a cropped breastplate that looked purple in some lights, blue in others, and even pewter from some angles.

The shifting shade was echoed in her shimmery eye shadow, but while her manicure had a metallic look, too, it took a different route color-wise.

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J. Lo’s nails were looking neutral yet undeniably festive in a chrome champagne. Perhaps not as bold as her breastplaste, but definitely just as chic. “Long nails only when it comes to winning an icon award,” nail artist Tom Bachik wrote on Instagram, where he posted a gorgeous close-up of his work.

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