Monday, July 15, 2024

Jennifer Lopez’s Biggest Beauty Secret Is Perfect for the Holiday Break — Watch the Video

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Jennifer Lopez may be one of the biggest stars in the world, but her biggest beauty secret doesn’t cost a thing. The multihyphenate told Vogue, just in time for a long holiday break, that sleep is the key to her signature J.Lo glow. 

Lopez shared her guide to dewy skin with Vogue as part of the “Beauty Secrets” series and revealed that a good night’s sleep helps her feel her best inside and out. “One of my biggest beauty secrets is sleep,” she says. However, that doesn’t always mean she’s snoozing for 10 hours. She’s got a packed schedule after all! “One of my tricks for when I can’t get enough sleep is that there’s a certain amount of hours that I feel like you can sleep before your face falls asleep.” According to Lopez, it’s either under four or over seven hours. “That’s my rule,” she says. If you’re taking some PTO until the new year, what better time to channel La Lopez and get those z’s?

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