Monday, July 15, 2024

Jennifer Lopez Just Used a Claw Clip in the Most Chaotic Way Possible — See Photos

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Chaos is my essence — no truly, it defines me as a human being — so as a naturally chaotic person, I know who my people are. Despite that, I was shocked by a level of chaos even I couldn’t possibly conjure when I spotted Jennifer Lopez using a claw clip to create faux bangs. 

On July 12, the “Jenny From the Block” singer was seen in Los Angeles wearing a white sweatshirt and printed leggings while holding her beloved bedazzled tumbler in one hand and a white Birkin bag in the other. Lopez’s highlighted hair was piled onto the top of her head with a brown claw clip that was attached right at her crown. 

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A few wavy tendrils of hair stood out at the nape of her neck. There were also several flyaways around her hairline. With the way Lopez positioned the clip, her caramel blonde ends fell towards her face, creating faux curtain bangs of sorts. Her hair split itself into two sections, and the very tips of those pieces of hair grazed her cheekbones. 

Given how casual her look is, I wouldn’t be shocked if she wasn’t wearing a lick of makeup. Unfortunately, it’s hard to fully tell due to the angle of the photos and her massive aviator shades (that was likely her goal anyway). 

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