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Is Maluma Entering His Salt and Pepper Era? If So, Sign Me Up Immediately — See Photos

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I’ve been trying (and failing severely) to keep my thirst for men at a minimum during Pride Month, but it’s hard to resist a beautiful face regardless of gender. And I’ve been seeing plenty, namely that of Maluma, who is determined to make it even harder for me. I was too busy admiring his face and the almost supernatural luster and bounce of his hair to notice its new and emerging gray tips.  

On June 22, the “Felices Los 4” singer attended the Givenchy Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 in jeans, an oversized black blazer, and a massive blinged-out dog chain hanging from his neck. His ridiculously glossy hair fell around his head in big, loose curls that give it that envy-worthy volume and texture. His hair at the front looked like open curtains with flipped sections of hair falling to his eyebrows on both sides. 

The overwhelming majority of his hair carried his naturally dark shade of brunette — but those very frontward pieces falling into his eyes had just a sliver of silver.

Typically, we start to see gray hairs growing at the roots, so the fact the ends of his hair are gray makes me believe that his brunette hair was bleached. So what is going on here? I believe he could be getting ready to enter a salt-and-pepper era by simply testing the new shade on the tips of his hair. 

My other theory is that it’s just leftover pieces of bleached hair from his blonde days. Honestly, I prefer the former because I’m definitely down to see Maluma with gray streaks running through his dark hair.

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