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Inside Jaclyn Smith’s Fountain of Youth

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She may forever be ingrained in our collective memories as one of the original Charlie’s Angels, but at 76, Jaclyn Smith has also cracked the mix of what makes up the fountain of youth, and she has no problem sharing her secrets.

Mind Gym

“I am really consistent, and I really believe in working out. It is not only good for your body, but also your brain, as it releases endorphins. I also eat very healthy, and I don’t drink—that’s not to say I haven’t had a Bellini here and there, but I just don’t love drinking. I’m a breast cancer survivor, and drinking alcohol raises the incidence of breast cancer. I didn’t drink and I still got breast cancer, so it’s something I’m careful with.”

Health Check

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, and I like to send that message to women—drinking will raise the risk. With each passing decade, your chances of getting breast cancer go up. Thank goodness, there are so many great treatments and medications today, so the best thing is early detection and to eat properly and exercise. Those are just a few things that are popping into my mind now.”

Vitamin Stock

“I take a lot of vitamins! Vitamin D is one of the most important for women, especially as we get older. It builds bone, it fights depression, it fights cancer. I have a whole regime. I take zinc, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, a multivitamin, turmeric, and glucosamine for my joints. I also think it’s important to find a good probiotic.”

Secret Sauce

“You need to find things that work for you and I think, through the years, I have. As far as my own skin-care line, that works for me. It’s seven products. I’m very much into sun protection, because we all know that will age your skin faster than anything. Sleep is also important. So is finding beauty in how you look best, finding the things that make you glow.”

You can’t be a slave to beauty…if you are, it will eat you up.

Facial Farm

“I just started having facials again; I think they are very beneficial. You get busy and you think, ‘No, I don’t need that,’ but just recently, I went for a facial and it was eye-opening. There are so many new things out there! Early on in my 20s, I had them because if you had a little breakout, you got one…but they are so good for skin turnover and rejuvenating. At home, I wash my face morning and night religiously, and I always moisturize!”

The Good Life

“To reduce stress, meditation is good, yoga is good. Being good to yourself is good! Women forget to do good things for themselves. We’re always running! I’m a working woman, I have grandchildren, I have children, and I have my husband—and they’re all very much a part of my life and we’re all very busy. You spread yourself thin and you forget to do things that are exciting every now and then. I think women need to make sure that they do something for themselves that they really love to do. Find things that make you feel beautiful and confident, inside and out.”

It’s Personal

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