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Innovative Oral Care Products That Will Change Your Smile, According to Dentists

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The dental industry has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few years, not only with in-office options but also in terms of at-home products. Seeing your dentist regularly is essential to catch any developing issues early and receive preventative care, says New York cosmetic dentist Husam Almunajed, DDS. However, there are some innovative products the experts recommend patients use at home to maintain and beautify their smiles.

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Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige Toothbrush ($330)

“Hands down, an electric toothbrush is far superior in keeping the pearly whites white,” says Huntsville, AL cosmetic dentist Sonya L. Wintzell. “If you want the Maserati of toothbrushes, then the Sonicare 9900 Prestige is it. This is one powerful toothbrush. Using Sense IQ technology, it adapts to the pressure you are placing, assuring you do not scrub too hard but also do a thorough job in removing plaque and stains. And it is 100-percent carbon neutral.”


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V34 Colour Corrector Serum by Hismile ($24)

Chicago cosmetic dentist Nathan Hoffman, DDS says his staff is digging this new product. “First sensationalized by Kim Kardashian for keeping her teeth white and bright between whitenings, we thought we’d put the product to the test and can agree that it does work,” he says. “V34 brightens teeth with color correcting technology, counterbalancing yellow hues in teeth with a purple serum.” Think purple shampoo for teeth. “It definitely helps conceal stains and improves brightness.”


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Burst Water Flosser ($70)

“If flossing is not your thing, then you need, at a minimum, to consider a water flosser,” says Dr. Wintzell. This one is cordless and waterproof, so you could even use it in the shower, she points out. “Spend a few extra minutes in the one place you can escape and work on that gum health.” Perfect for the “everything shower” trend.

Award Photo: Water Flosser
Award Photo: Water Flosser

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Opalescence Go ($84)

Dr. Almunajed notes that professional in-office whitening will achieve the best results, but you can safely and gradually whiten your teeth at home as well. Both Dr. Wintzell and Dr. Almunajed say Opalescence Go, which gently whitens teeth with pre-filled whitening trays, should be in your cabinet. 

“It can be worn right out of the package as a stand-alone product or after in-office whitening to maintain and enhance your smile,” says Dr. Almunajed.

Dr. Wintzell notes that many dentists are familiar with the brand as it has “led the way in dentist-delivered whitening products. Now you can have products from the same brand in your home with this easy-to-use kit.”

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Bite Dental Floss ($12 for a two-pack)

Dr. Wintzell recommends this floss that comes in a plastic-free, refillable, compostable container. “This vegan waxed floss helps you feel good about saving the planet while saving your teeth,” she says.

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Lumineux Whitening Kit ($50)

Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic dentist Kourosh Maddahi, DDS believes the most innovative oral care product in the last 20 years is his own Lumineux. “It‘s certified non-toxic, microbiome safe and whitens teeth without peroxide—as a result, there is no sensitivity,” he explains. The whitening power comes from coconut sage and lemon peel oil and is backed by over 62 studies.


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Pronamel Active Shield ($8)

To improve their smile at home Kansas City, MO dentist Jennifer Osei-Fosou, DDS tells patients to add this toothpaste to their routine. “It helps to actively penetrate tooth enamel with vital minerals, like fluoride, which can protect against acid erosion and tooth decay,” she explains. “The stronger your enamel, the better your teeth will look.”


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Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced ($90)

Dr. Almunajed understands that most of us don’t enjoy flossing, but it’s a necessity. He recommends investing in this water flosser. “Instead of holding a piece of string awkwardly with your fingers and trying to reach the hard-to-reach areas in the back of the mouth, you can easily glide a small tip between your teeth and remove food, bacteria and residue,” says Dr. Almunajed. He adds that your gums and breath will thank you.


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NuSkin AP 24 Whitening Toothpaste ($23)

In-office is still the gold standard for whitening, as the solution concentration is higher, says Dr. Wintzell. However, she encourages touch-ups at home to keep the color stable. She says this is a great whitening toothpaste that also helps fight cavities. However, “make sure your dentist approves as it contains hydrated silica, which can be mildly abrasive if overused,” she notes.


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OraTec Therasol Mouth Rinse

Houston cosmetic dentist Guy Lewis, DDS calls this the “magic mouthwash.” The potent formula that kills most oral bacteria on contact is only available through a dentist’s office. “It’s also highly substantive, clinging to surfaces and extending its germ-killing action for hours and hours. Great to use daily for gum health and oral care,” says Dr. Lewis.


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