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If You Showered Then Went Right to Bed, You’d Look Just Like Gigi Hadid at Miu Miu — See Photo

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Paris Fashion Week came to an end on Tuesday, October 3, which is the same day that Miu Miu held its Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show. We weren’t shocked that Gigi Hadid walked the runway, but we were shocked at her hairstyle, which can only be described as a mix between bed head after you took an unintended nap and a messy post-shower ponytail. 

For her wet hair look, Hadid walked down the runway in a sequined two-piece set with strappy sandals and glasses. The fact she was serving face on the runway isn’t exactly noteworthy, seeing as its literally her job, but just admire it anyway. Sections of her wet-looking blonde hair were seemingly piled on the back of her head. 

This wasn’t a slicked-down look by any means, so several pieces of hair were sticking out around her head. A few wavy pieces fell towards her chest on one side. Some pieces of hair were tucked into the jacket she was wearing. 

Her hair might have actually been damp during styling, or a mousse or gel was raked through it to give that wet look. This style also emphasized her growing roots that look markedly different than the rest of her bright blonde hair. 

The rest of her glam was on the minimal side with dewy, almost bare-looking skin. Her cheeks looked like they were blended with a bronzer or orange blush for some added warmth. 

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