Thursday, May 30, 2024

If Selena Gomez’s New Selfie Is a Teaser for Her New Eyebrow Gel, I’m Buying It Immediately — See Photo

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My eyebrows are about as tame as a toddler. One moment they’re arched, fanned-out, and slicked into place — then a few minutes later, it looks like I didn’t even bother brushing the hairs, let alone using a brow gel. So when I saw Selena Gomez‘s latest selfie, more specifically her brows, I immediately needed the product details. 

Gomez posted a selfie in a blue fuzzy tank top to her Instagram stories on August 9. She clearly knows her angles with her tilted head, giving us a great view of her makeup and curled high ponytail. 

Perfection might not exist, but when I think of my ideal brow, I’ll be using this picture as a reference. Her brows were brushed upwards, and it feels like you can see each individual strand. She likely used Rare Beauty products including the new Brow Harmony Flexible Lifting Gel that officially launches on August 15. 

Shimmery eye shadow gleamed on her lids, but because she seems to have used a filter, it’s hard to make out the exact color. My guess is that it’s a bronze or champagne shadow. A super thin cat eye was drawn on her lids and flicked upward toward her brows. The muted mauve pigment on her lips seemed to be a similar color to the one that was buffed on her cheeks. 


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