Monday, July 15, 2024

I Swear Olivia Rodrigo Is Low-Key Auditioning for Hair Commercials With Her Latest Looks — See the Photos

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Someone give Olivia Rodrigo a Pantene contract, stat! The singer has one of the most enviable heads of hair in Hollywood, and I’m honestly convinced she’s been secretly auditioning for hair commercials every time she steps out.

Before we dive into her most recent looks, let’s talk about Rodrigo’s hair as a whole for a moment. The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor and stadium-filling pop artist has always kept her brunette hair long, all the better to headbang with. She typically wears it loose around her shoulders and down her back in easygoing, effortless, I didn’t-even-try waves. Lately, however, her already-great hair has had a glow-up and looks even better than it did. How is that possible? These four images will have you writing a personal email to the marketing department of your favorite shampoo brand, begging them to work with Rodrigo.

Getty Images

Getty Images

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