Monday, July 15, 2024

I Just Got Intimately Familiar With Kim Kardashian’s Scalp Against My Will — Watch the Video

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Going to the spa with your mom and grandmother is practically a rite of passage, but when you’re North West and said mom and grandma are Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, not just any old spa will do. Instead of relaxing with a massage and some cucumber slices over their eyes, the trio treated themselves to a scalp spa day — and captured the up close and personal results on TikTok, of course.

Kardashian, West, and Jenner headed to Yangsiguan Hair and Scalp Spa in San Gabriel, California, a location they apparently discovered via TikTok. (I have a feeling it was West, the TikTok auteur of our time, who did the detective work to find the hotspot.)

Each member of the family enjoyed the full boutique scalp spa treatment, starting with a birds-eye view of the terrain of their scalps to determine scalp health. After the scalp camera did its thing (and each member had her results recorded to share with the world), their heads were lavished with intense TLC, including an essential oil treatment, massage, a deeply cleansing shampoo and some high-tech rejuvenation, including a blue light therapy massage. At the end of their extremely comprehensive, in-depth service, the mother-daughter-grandmother trio looked extremely refreshed, and I would be too if someone massaged my head for an hour.

You don’t often come to TikTok with the expectation that you’re going to scroll right past a zoomed-in camera exploration of Kim Kardashian’s scalp, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in her scalp health, especially given that she’s constantly changing up her hairstyle and experimenting with extensions and wigs. (If you’re particularly squeamish, maybe sit this one out.) TBH, from what I could see in the video, each family member seems to have her scalp care on lock, which is important given it’s literally the root of your hair. If your scalp isn’t happy, your hair isn’t happy either. Judging from the trio’s TikTok experience, their heads are happier than ever; if scalps could glow, theirs would be shining up to outer space.

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