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I Can’t Remember the Last Time Ariana Grande Wore a Bright Red Lip Like This — See Photos

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Is it just me, or has the classic red lip not yet made a full recovery since COVID? I guess those of us who were fans of red lipstick got so used to not wearing or seeing it that when most of us started going unmasked again, we just sorta forgot that it was an option. I’m guilty of overlooking red lipstick these last few years, and Ariana Grande has been, too. I truly can’t remember the last time I saw her in a red lip — even one from her own R.E.M. Beauty line. But last night, she singlehandedly reminded red-lipstick lovers that we’re long overdue to break out the bold, timeless look.

The singer was seen out and about in New York City on November 16, wearing a strapless, black velvet dress under a satiny black jacket. Although her hair is still the shade of Glinda blonde we’ve all become accustomed to while she filmed Wicked, her makeup is a total departure from what she usually wears. For example, although she’s wearing winged liner, it’s not the usual inky, black cat eye; instead, it’s a softer rosy burgundy shade.

But it’s Grande’s lipstick that’s especially striking in its novelty. It’s the brightest cherry-red hue — perhaps the brightest we’ve ever seen on her — and it’s made all the brighter with its glossy sheen.

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