Monday, July 15, 2024

I Can’t Describe Tracee Ellis Ross’s Nail Color, But I’m Loving It — See Photos

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When I grow up, I want to be Tracee Ellis Ross — realistically, who wouldn’t want to be? A gorgeous woman in her 50s living her best life as she pleases who also happens to be a Black woman; sign me up immediately. So naturally, when she shared her latest Instagram post, I was obsessed with everything about it, from her massive red shades to matching lipstick to her muted golden manicure. 

Ross posted an Instagram carousel with four photos and the caption, “Pause also thank you @emmanuellekhanh for another pair of epic sunglasses.” I have to also express my thanks that these gorgeous red glasses from Emmanuelle Khanh even exist because they look so good on Ross. The first photo of the slideshow features a fire selfie where she is wearing red glasses with large gold sphere earrings and matte red lipstick

Her hand was placed underneath her chin, allowing us to get a glimpse at her new manicure. The third photo gives an even better look at these nails. The color of these almond-shaped tips is interesting. It looks like a brown hue with golden undertones, or perhaps a muted dark gold color is a better description for the shade.

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