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I Bet You Didn’t Even Notice That Meghan Markle Changed Her Hair Color

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Sometimes you don’t want a huge hair color change or transformation. You want a refresh, a tiny tweak, a step up from your usual go-to, especially when the seasons change. That seems to be exactly what Meghan Markle was looking for recently; the Duchess of Sussex is currently rocking a “chocolate chestnut brunette” shade, and while it’s not a total transformation by any means, it’s so rich and shiny that I truly can’t stop staring.

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, enjoyed some winter weather at the Invictus Games One Year To Go Winter Training Camp in Vancouver. If you were expecting a complete 180 from her usual dark color, you won’t find that here. Instead, the chocolate chestnut brunette was so subtle it’s almost like she didn’t do anything at all to her color, which seems to be the point. Markle typically sticks to a dark chocolate or espresso brunette with a subtle reddish undertone that you can see when the sunlight hits her hair, but this color looked different in the most intriguing way: just the teeeeeeeniest bit darker and almost blindingly shiny.

Markle’s colorist Kadi Lee of Highbrow Hippie Atelier in Los Angeles shared all the details behind Markle’s current covetable shade, so if you’re currently brunette or thinking of going brunette, listen up for tips. “This mixture of red and golden undertones makes a dynamic shade of brunette that not only gives skin the healthiest glow, especially during the colder months of winter, it also provides the hair with a next-level high power shine,” Lee explained on the salon’s Instagram.

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