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How This Skin-Care Expert Synergistically Combines Beauty and Wellness

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“Wellness is not a static process,” says Davie, FL dermatologist Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, MD as we talk about self-care in today’s advanced age. “It’s an active process—it’s an active pursuit of activities and lifestyle choices that lead to a state of holistic health. It’s the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and environmental and how we strive to live well within that perspective.”

Dr. Blyumin-Karasik is an integrative dermatologist, the co-founder of Precision Skin Institute, and the founder of Stamina Cosmetics, a line that treats skin under environmental and emotional duress. “Our skin is constantly bombarded by UV damage, high stress levels, pollution—there are so many extrinsic and intrinsic detrimental influences.”

Her approach to aging and wellness is expressed through her work with patients who are seeking to not only look better, but live better. “We are so overwhelmed, currently it’s hard to achieve life equanimity. It seems impossible because we all are multitasking, overachieving, and over tech-connected, leading to chronic stress and exhaustion. This leads to poor health in our minds, bodies and our skin. The skin tells the story of an accelerated aging process through a blotchy and sallow complexion, sunken under eye dark circles, and rough, loose and wrinkled skin.”

“Yes, we can help with skin recovery with various tools of skin care and cosmetics, and cover up with make-up, but ultimately, we also need to reflect on our lifestyle choices and how we can improve our wellbeing from the inside out.”

Rediscovering Oneself Through Aesthetics

As an integrative dermatologist, Dr. Blyumin-Karasik focuses on an inside-out approach when addressing a patient’s aesthetic needs. “All of my patients are on different journeys. One example is a woman in her fifties who has recently undergone a change in her career. Her kids have left for college and she’s going through the empty nest stage. She wanted to remember herself because she was stuck on that stressful wheel for so long she cannot recollect.”

This 55-year-old patient was reawakened to the possibility of beauty and self-care when she restarted her wellness journey with Dr. Blyumin-Karasik. She underwent filler injections around the lower part of her face and neurotoxin injections to relax wrinkles on her upper face. For skin renewal, she had Ematrix radio-frequency resurfacing and adopted a new skin-care routine that included sunscreen and Stamina Cosmetics products.

Aesthetics as an Entry Point and Roadmap to Wellness

Helping her patient go from autopilot to spending the time on herself was key to her rejuvenating treatment plans. “She didn’t want to have a drastic change anything; she simply wanted to look better, rested and recognizable. We created a roadmap, Precise Aesthetic Balance, for her cosmetic transformation that included multimodal treatments and an updated skin-care routine. Some of it was doing a skin check and medically treating her sun damage and rosacea. Botox and filler injections softened her lines and reduced some of the creases around her lips and the lower face jowls. We improved the tone, texture and tightening of her skin with Ematrix Sublative energy device.”

According to the doctor, a slow, steady and gradual improvement is best for natural-looking and graceful results. Furthermore, these cosmetic outcomes can be transformative for physical as well as mental and emotional aspects. Incredibly, aesthetics can be an entry point for the patient’s overall wellness. “During our treatment sessions I would make recommendations on better sleeping habits, nutrition, fitness, and perimenopausal supplements. I also shared a meditative skin care ritual I termed Stamina Synergy, for better living with mindful techniques. She slowly got her confidence back and said she was looking and feeling like herself again.”

Aesthetic and Wellness Synergy can be Transformative

“We are all traveling through life on various and ever-changing journeys. And even though it may sound super cliche, wellness can be a wise guide to keep us centered on harmony. Navigating these challenges and transitions with resilience can be accomplished by embracing healthier habits and attuning to one’s skin cadence.”

This could be a teenager trying to overcome skin breakouts and dealing with social and self-esteem issues. It could also be a college student dealing with erratic skin blemishes, or a recent divorcé strained by child-care and a demanding position. Maybe its the new mom going through a post-childbirth journey struggling with self-image, time constraints, and emotional and hormonal issues. “These are mothers first, but they also want to see themselves as beautiful and relevant women.” Her beautiful South Florida patients are intellectual, social, and culturally-vibrant individuals who are juggling it all.

“The reason this wellness-focused approach to aesthetics is so transformative is because it’s empowering us to be our better selves. Not because we have to look attractive to remain relevant, but because we feel more confident and healthier. That is much more meaningful.”

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