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How the New Moon in Aquarius Will Shape Your Year

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Not so fast with those 2023 resolutions! Or the intention-setting, manifesting, or whatever goal-getting ideas spin through your head as the calendar turns. Mercury is going to be retrograde this New Year’s Eve and Day, which throws an obvious wrench in any and all plans for the future.

Fortunately, it’s only temporary—three weeks, that’s all. From December 29 to January 18, the planet that basically governs our calendars, social lives, and communications will be enjoying a long winter nap. And since Mercury’s reverse commute takes place in Capricorn, the sign of ambition and success, there’s double the futility in trying to plow ahead with your grand plans.

So what’s an eager (but astrologically astute) soul to do? Hold off ‘til January 21 to put those 2023 resolutions in permanent ink. That’s the date of the year’s first new moon—an auspicious moment to launch anything, regardless of what’s retrograde. (And thankfully, Mercury won’t be.)

Since this new moon is in future-focused, experimental Aquarius, you can bet that plans set under this lunation will take a much more desirable shape as 2023 progresses. Meanwhile, jot down notes in your Notes app, or just give yourself a few weeks to tie up loose ends and sit with your feelings about The Year That Twitter Imploded. (Which we realize is just the tip of the insanity iceberg that was 2022.)

To help you gear up for January 21, here’s a guide to getting the year started on the best possible note for your zodiac sign.


Don’t miss this news alert: 2023 is officially the Year of the Ram. With your gravity-defying ways, you are the mood that everyone’s going for. There will be absolutely copycats buzzing around, attempting to siphon your juice. They’re no threat to you, so don’t get tripped up! Originality cannot be duplicated. What you need to do, Aries, is stamp your name on your work—or hire PR and legal to do it for you. That way, other peoples’ inevitable imitation will only be the greatest form of flattery as you continue to change the game.


You’re no stranger to charging after a goal, but what if you could sit back and attract instead? Before you go planting any seeds in 2023, your first order of business is to create fertile grounds. Maybe you need to do some metaphoric weeding of “overgrowth,” such as time-sucking obligations or unfulfilling relationships. Or perhaps you need to improve the “soil quality” by creating space for self-care or working on your emotional health. Leadership training could pay off exponentially. Consider it an investment in your success.


You are so that girl, Gemini, so make room in your calendar to receive all the invites that will soon flood your way. Group activities will be especially rich in 2023. And if you’re willing to travel a smidge further outside your comfort zone, you could potentially find a crowd that captivates your (generally fleeting) interest for a good time. Meaningful travel is also in the stars. So if it’s been a while since you boarded a plane, here’s your prompt to set up fare alerts. On the other hand, nomadic Gems are encouraged to drop anchor so you can form meaningful, in-person bonds.


No apologies for being a boss, Cancer; in fact, people will be looking to you for leadership in 2023. Get used to vocalizing the opinions and ideas you usually keep to yourself. Rocking the boat won’t capsize your career this year; not if there’s a point to your pushback. Don’t back down from that creative vision if you know that it’s the right path for everyone to take. Your intuition has always been your greatest guide—and that goes triple in 2023. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to back assertions up with legit data, if only to make yourself more confident as you plow ahead.


The new year will be a journey in the best possible sense. Get ready to collect passport stamps as you travel for work, study, or to connect to friends you’ve only seen on a screen. With your independent spirit in full force, you’ll have less time for relationships—but don’t let the most important ones fall into a rut. Shared adventures will be the best connective tissue for your bonds. Whenever (and however) possible, include your VIPs in your own expansive quests. But don’t feel guilty for enjoying some growth experiences all by yourself, too.


No strings attached? That’s not enough security for you in 2023. This year, you won’t mind being entwined with people (the right people) in a serious and exclusive way. In fact, the adventure kicks off for you once that mutual commitment is set in stone. The trick to enjoying this for the long-term? Make sure everyone is crystal clear about what they’re getting themselves into. If money is involved—including potential future earnings—put it in writing. Then you can relax into the sexiness of certainty. Yes…it’s a thing!


Like Libra John Lennon, they may say you’re a dreamer—and in 2023, you’re a highly romantic one. Relationships of every variety are your raison d’être in the year ahead, which is excellent news for the zodiac’s most pro-partnership sign. By the same token, you may be revamping the entire way you do relationships this year. Libras are ready to step into a different kind of role, one that doesn’t involve getting lost in the couple bubble. Why yes, it is in fact possible to hold the spaces of autonomy and togetherness at once. Now that’s a balancing act worth striving for!


Your savvy sign never shies away from complexities, but surprise, Scorpio: In 2023, your mantra is “keep it simple.” What matters most to you this year won’t be anything that can be bottled or sold; it’s the joy of a basic human connection that lights you up. Whether at work, with family, or through activism, you’re giving the world service with a smile. Second in line to that? Taking great care of your body. This is the year to quit an unhealthy vice, clean up your eating, and find a movement practice that you love doing.


Lights, camera, Sagittarius! You’re the name on everyone’s lips in 2023—but no resting on any 2022 laurels. With your creativity in high gear, it’s time to create some fresh material. Also: Show up more regularly for your fans, even if you’re just hanging out on a livestream. Plug back into a network of peers who keep you inspired. One or two of them may hold the promise of a profitable partnership in the year ahead. Ditch the competitive vibes and collaborate instead.


Home is where you hang your dad hat, Capricorn—and in 2023, that may include more than one location. This is a year to feel rooted, but not stuck. If you’ve been repeating patterns that are born out of intergenerational trauma, you’ll be ready to gently break them. Review your everyday habits, like how you eat and sleep, and the way you do your work. Little shifts can produce seismic changes. Try cutting back on inflammatory foods, moving your bedroom to the quietest part of your space, and reorganizing your workflow to curb stress.


Enough with this solitary schtick already. Social butterfly Aquarius is back in flight this year, ready to spread your colorful wings and buzz around town with your swarm. The only issue? You’ve grown exponentially over the past two years, so you may not vibe with old friends in quite the same way. No need to kick anyone off your island. But do get out and mingle with new crowds. Fun fact: a flock of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope—an apt metaphor for the expanding (and colorful!) range of friends you’ll meet this year.


Hustle culture is always a hard pass for free-flowing Pisces, but in 2023, you’re ready, willing, and able to dive into work that connects to your soul. The hardest part is being patient with the process as you work your way to the throne. (And in 2023, it will be a process.) Identify a mentor who can guide you along your path. Helpful people will be eager to support your journey, but it’s up to you to seek their guidance and (bravely) ask for it. Make time for art, music, and spiritual practices that interest you. Your creativity could bring in some cash.

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