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How Did Kerry Washington Keep Her Hair So Smooth in the Pouring Rain? See Photos

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As someone with curly hair that frizzes up at the mere thought of humidity, I absolutely let the weather dictate how I’m going to wear my hair. If there’s so much as drizzle in the forecast, I’m not gonna bother blowing out my hair because it’s not going to stay smooth. But apparently Kerry Washington knows something I don’t know about how to navigate hairstyles amid precipitation because she was spotted in the pouring rain with some remarkably frizz-free hair

Washington was doing the rounds to promote her new memoir, Thicker Than Water, at the morning talk shows in New York City on Monday, September 25. The rain hasn’t let up in days, as was clear by paparazzi shots of the actor accompanied on the sidewalk by a heroic umbrella-carrying gentleman (presumably a bodyguard). But as anyone with hair knows, an umbrella alone can’t stop a moisture-packed atmosphere from futzing with your finish, so can someone please explain to me how her hair is literally perfect under these circumstances?

While arriving at Good Morning America in a ruffly, white dress, Washington’s hair was styled in a side-parted, low updo with an ample tendril framing the right side of her face — and that tendril speaks volumes. The loose wave’s smoothy shiny finish is indicative of the sleek, frizz-free surface all the way around.

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