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Harry Styles’ Mom Shares Family Photos From the Holidays After Olivia Wilde Break Up

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Harry Styles’ mom Anne Twist gave a generous gift to fans on Wednesday, December 28, sharing a post of the family’s Christmas festivities on her Instagram account that included a pic of her super star son. In the image, Twist poses with Styles and his sister, Gemma, and Gemma’s boyfriend, Michal Mlynowski. They’re standing against a backdrop of beautiful English countryside.

In the group shot, Styles is wearing a blue hoodie under a yellow jacket and black North Face jacket, with a pair of sunglasses and his hair pulled up out of his face, and he’s grinning happily despite the cloudy weather. She also shared shots of their fireplace covered in holiday decorations, their table set for Christmas dinner, and their gorgeous tree all lit up. She captioned her carousel, “Christmas 2022” adding some emojis for emphasis.

Mother and son are quite close, and she recently defended his work in ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde’s film Don’t Worry Darling on her Instagram Story.

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” she wrote at the time. “I’m astounded and saddened by the vitriolic comments on here to be honest. I enjoyed a film. If it’s not your cup of tea don’t go…If you don’t like me .. please don’t follow me. Simple.”

Styles and Wilde broke up in November after nearly two years together. A source told Page Six then, “There is no bad blood between them. Harry didn’t dump Olivia, or vice versa…This is the longest relationship Harry’s ever had, so clearly they have a special bond.”

They added, “They’re on a break. It’s impossible to have a relationship when he’s in every continent next year and Olivia has her job and her kids. This is the right thing for both of them.”

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