Friday, April 12, 2024

Halle Bailey’s XXL Ponytail Makes Her Look Five Inches Taller Than She Actually Is — See the Photos

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Actor and musician Halle Bailey stands just over five feet tall, but you’d never know it from her latest red carpet appearance. The Little Mermaid star put the power of hairstyling to work to give her a visual lift with an XXL ponytail that makes her look much taller than she actually is. (And the platform heels don’t hurt, either.)

Bailey attended a Pandora New York Fashion Week event wearing her hair in a super high ponytail that played some very clever tricks on the eye. The pony itself was pulled up tightly right at the crown of Bailey’s head and cinched tightly up top, with a few pieces of her hair wrapped around the base to disguise any elastics and pins. It’s a simple style that still adds a ton of visual interest to Bailey’s look, not to mention makes her look much taller than her 5’2″ height. The pony wasn’t just skyscraper height; it also flowed all the way down her shoulders, hitting just above her lower back. Ponytails, man — they really can do it all. There’s a reason the humble ponytail is an absolute essential in any hairstylist’s repertoire!

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