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Hailey Bieber Made a Compelling Case for Velcro Rollers and… Tourist Bikini Tees? — See Photos

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Hailey Bieber says this winter is all about Velcro rollers and … tourist bikini tees?

Velcro rollers, the styling standby of ’90s supermodels and grandmas alike, have had quite the year; they’re a mainstay on TikTok for faking a Dyson Airwrap-worthy blowout and giving hair major volume and bounce. They’ve apparently earned Mrs. Bieber’s seal of approval, as she recently shared a series of pics of herself in full glam prep wearing a set of XL rollers paired with a classic “bikini body” tee.

In the photos, Bieber poses in a makeup chair while a makeup artist brushes a coppery shade on her lids. Her brunette hair is pulled up into a handful of rollers, with the top layers brushed upwards and the bottom layers rolled under; from the placement of said rollers, it looks like a voluminous, Cindy Crawford-esque style was in the works. Bieber’s skin was prepped in her signature “glazed donut” style and her lips were painted with a pale pink gloss, perhaps the always-sold-out Peptide Lip Treatment from her line Rhode Beauty?

The photos were a cheeky reference to those iconic “behind the scenes” shots of supermodels getting glammed up; the bikini tee was a clear tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that Bieber doesn’t take herself too seriously and isn’t afraid to poke fun and get silly. (It’s also so much more fun than a classic white bathrobe!) Another hidden detail in the shots: Bieber’s good pal Kylie Jenner pointed out that the eyeshadow palette in question was one from Kylie Cosmetics; love to see famous friends supporting friends! In the final pic in the carousel, we see either a pre- or post-shoot Bieber, still in the T-shirt but with wet hair clipped back and seriously dewy skin.

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