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Hailey Bieber Loves This $5 Lip Liner

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It’s inarugable that Hailey Bieber is the queen of dessert-themed glam looks. You’ve definitely seen “glazed donut” skin or “brownie” lips on your social media by now, and Bieber has always been at the forefront of the trends. “Strawberry girl” makeup is one of the latest sweet-treat-inspired trends to take over the beauty scene, and Bieber just let fans in the $5 lip liner that she uses to nail the berry-based trend.

The drugstore lip liner behind Bieber’s strawberry lips

Earlier this month, Bieber posted a series of selfies showing off her blushed cheeks and perfectly rosey lips, captioning the post “strawberry girl summer,” and the internet quickly caught on; users everywhere began posting their takes on the dainty, pink and red-centered makeup look along with the products they used to make the strawberry moment happen.

As it turns out, Bieber was one step ahead of all of us, as she revealed the all the strawberry obsession was leading up to a new product lunch; on August 28, Bieber’s namesake brand Rhode will be releasing a limited-edition strawberry-flavored peptide lip glaze in collaboration with Krispy Kreme.

But, in a recent TikTok video promoting the new product, Bieber revealed the $5 lip liner that she uses to prep her lips for the new glaze and acts as a key component in nailing her strawberry lips. Before applying the new peptide lip treatment, Bieber lines her lips with the NYX Slim Lip Pencil ($5) in what appears to be shade Nude Truffle per my intense zooming and pausing. As it turns out, the secret to Bieber’s strawberry lips is one that doesn’t break the bank, and we can’t wait to give the technique a try.

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