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Hailey Bieber Is Wearing the Same Middle-Parted, Flipped-Out Bob I Wore in 1999 — See the Photos

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Hailey Bieber seems to have mastered the art of time travel, because she was just spotted wearing the exact same middle-parted, flipped-out bob that I wore back in my junior high days — only it looks so much cooler on her.

Bieber wore the throwback bob to Kim Kardashian’s birthday dinner in Los Angeles and really dialed up the shine for the celebration; the bob is so shiny it’s practically blinding against the camera flash. Her warm, cozy cinnamon cookie butter-colored hair has been blown out super sleek and straight at the crown and flipped out just slightly with either a flatiron or curling iron at the ends for the subtlest bend. It’s giving Rachael Leigh Cook in She’s All That.

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While it seemed as though Bieber was growing out her bob, it looks like she’s recently had a trim, because it’s back to a shorter, chin-skimming length. This haircut and I go way back; I rocked a very similar cut for most of the late ‘90s and early ’00s, but I could only dream of having hair so shiny and sleek. (Flatiron technology wasn’t quite up to par yet.) Bieber first chopped her hair in early 2023 and has been having a lot of fun experimenting with the short style, including itty-bitty buns and supertendril updos.

This isn’t the first time the Rhode founder has thrown it back to the ‘90s with her look; lately she’s all about the mocha and espresso brown makeup tones so prevalent in that decade, but she’s also put her stamp on ‘90s trends like frosted eye shadow. Because Bieber was wearing sunglasses en route to the restaurant, we can’t see her eye makeup, but we can see her manicure, and it’s a super chic, super subtle pale, pale gray that provides a nice contrast against her tan coat and miniskirt. My tween self is totally jealous of the entire look and TBH, my thirtysomething self is too.

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