Friday, June 14, 2024

Hailey Bieber Has a Bloody Good Halloween Look Prepared — No, Literally — See the Photos

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Halloween is just around the corner and Hailey Bieber is ready for anything spooky season may hold. The model just gave us a glimpse of her first costume and it’s bloody good indeed.

While we have a feeling Bieber has more Halloween goodness in store, given that many celebs rock a few different costumes throughout October; last year, she wore two fashion-inspired costumes, including a rosy ‘90s YSL reference and a Versace Vampire look. This year’s first costume appeared in a photo dump from October 18. In true Bieber fashion, the carousel was loaded with notable beauty moments, but the glamorous vampire look simply must be discussed first.

In one photo, Bieber poses with a skeleton; the skeleton is wearing pirate gear, and the Rhode founder dons a red lace corset with sheer sleeves and matching thigh-high stockings. Her hair is pulled up in an updo reminiscent of the Victorian era to match her ensemble, with a few pieces left out and curled around her face. 

Bieber’s lips are painted a glossy cherry color with a thick droplet of crimson blood running down one side of her chin, with more blood on her pearl collar and chest. Instead of her usual dewy glazed donut glow, Bieber’s skin is matted out for a ghoulish pallor and she wears a rose red blush on the apples of her cheeks and brown liner on her upper and lower lashlines. Spooooky and sexy. Bieber and her skeleton pal are posing on the edge of a bathtub that looks suspiciously like the one from her “Who’s in my bathroom?” YouTube series, so perhaps a tutorial is at hand given you can’t really interview a skeleton about their skincare habits.

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