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Gabrielle Union Couldn’t Decide on One Length for Her New Bob — See Photos

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Gabrielle Union‘s hair is truly a shape-shifter. She frequently changes up her length and texture, because, honestly, she can — she looks amazing in literally every style. One look she always seems to come back to is a bob, and each time it seems to be a different length — sometimes quite short, other times reaching lob territory. And for her latest, it seems one length just wasn’t enough.

Union attended London Fashion Week’s Burberry show on Monday, February 19, wearing a sheer yet velvety, colorful, open-back dress — and we got to see her entire back because, unlike just a week ago, her hair isn’t long enough to cover even an inch of it.

The actor and entrepreneur brought back a decidedly ’90s look with this bob. On one side of the side-parted style, Union wore a barely chin-length section tucked behind her ear; on the other, we got a throwback with an angled shape that reached below the chin. The asymmetrical effect is a throwback to the decade when we first fell in love with Union, but the slight wave gives it a totally modern feel.

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