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Gabby Windey Talks Adult Acne, Her Jan Marini Obsession and the Real Deal on Her New Relationship

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Bachelor contestant and co-star of S19 of The Bachelorette Gabby Windey may have announced her relationship with a woman this month, but, as the 32-year-old says, the rather public situation wasn’t as stressful as one might think. “Naturally, there’s been a conversation,” she shares, while talking skin care and self-care on the side. “But I also trusted that this feels so right for both of us.” 

I’ve only had two treatments and my last one was less than a week ago. I have seen some improvement and I’m excited for the third. I’ve dealt with adult hormonal acne pretty much since I’ve been an adult, which is so frustrating for anyone. It’s so much more than your diet and what you put on your skin. I’ve tried Accutane and I didn’t tolerate it. AviClear is still newer to the market, but I think it’ll be a really good treatment for people like me.

Is there anything else in the beauty world that you really love this summer?

I just started using the Jan Marini line a couple of weeks ago, and I am fully obsessed. My skin responded really well to it. I feel like it makes a difference—it makes me glowy, and I love that.

I also love the Omnilux red light. I use it pretty religiously. I think it helps a lot with swelling and inflammation in the morning.

I’m also a big fan of NuFace; I guess it’s safe to say I just love skin care! I like NuFace a lot, but I’ve also been getting real microcurrent facials once a month for the last two months, which I love. Right now, I’m all about the noninvasive stuff. Luckily, I have a full face, so I have a little extra room, but I want to do as much as I can preventatively—it just has to have sound science. I think I like the routine of skin care; I like looking forward to something every day that makes me feel like I’m taking care of my body. It’s fun for me and I’m really interested in the science of it all.

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Are you pretty good about using your facial tools consistently?

Yes, I think the more excited you are to use it and if you can fit it in, you’ll see results.

Beyond beauty…there’s been a lot of buzz about your personal life lately. Was it stressful to publicly talk about your new relationship?

I mean, there were nerves surrounding it…but I was so ready to finally say something. My girlfriend and I have been dating for four months now, and if I was dating a man, it would have already been celebrated by now. There’s lots of hoopla and questions, and this and that. People are like, “Why do you have to come out anymore?” Yes, that’s legit, but people are creating conversation on my Instagram saying things like, “You’re just doing it for fame.” That’s why I have to have a discussion about it.

I obviously wanted to be able to talk about it from my perspective—it had to come from my mouth—which I feel is very authentic and light still. I think it was less stress because…call me crazy, but I’ve never felt more spiritually connected to anyone than I do with my girlfriend. I feel so protected by her, and it feels so right. It’s like I know the powers that be will protect me, and I know that what I’m doing is so real and true, and it’s not hurting anyone. I just feel like I’ve been so protected.

Naturally, there’s been a conversation, but I also trust that this feels so right for both of us. When you feel loved that much, you only have love to give for other people. I didn’t think we would be punished for that, which alleviated a lot of the worry about coming out.

Thank you for sharing that. What are you looking forward to as the summer winds down?

I joke, but I am so ready to hibernate. I’ve been so social this summer, and I love summer, but I’m looking forward to an excuse to stay in the majority of the time, instead of continuing to be social. I’m looking forward to the clothes and fashion of fall. I think fall is always nostalgic. It’s football season, it’s holidays, it’s back to school. It’s always a good season.

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