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Fans Are Shocked by Kathy Griffin’s Post-Lip Tattoo Selfies

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Whether she’s hosting a comedy special or making waves with progressive political statements, Kathy Griffin is a household name for a reason. Though she’s more well known for her comedic and acting endeavors, this week, Griffin made waves in the cosmetics world, after the post-procedure selfies she shared after getting her lips tattooed had fans aghast.

Griffin on her lip tattoo journey

Griffin has never been one to shy away from sharing her cosmetic and aesthetic escapades, and this week, the star had fans in shock when she shared selfies of herself and her impressively swollen smile after getting a lip tattooing procedure. In a candid and to-the-point YouTube short titled “I GOT MY LIPS TATTOOED!” Griffin documented herself going for two different cosmetic treatments: lip blushing and eyebrow microblading.

“I’m going to get my eyebrows microbladed more because I didn’t do enough the last time, and I’m getting my lips tattooed, but they call it blushing,” Griffin explains while walking through the parking lot to her appointment, “We’ll see.” The video then shows Griffin on the tattoo table while the artist takes a tattoo gun to her lips after numbing the area. After showing the celeb with a pack of ice on her mouth, the video cuts to Griffin revealing her post-tattoo lips to her husband, who audibly shouts profanities and tries to counteract his reaction by claiming that he was just shocked by the amount of swelling.

YouTube: Kathy Griffin

Griffin’s husband was not the only one in awe of the comedian’s post-tattoo look. Griffin included photos within the YouTube video of her pout directly after the appointment, and viewers everywhere were shocked. But, the 62-year-old soothed viewers’ fears by showing photos of her lips 4-6 days after the treatment, showcasing the incredible results. “I was scared for you at first, but the end result looks amazing,” one commenter wrote.

YouTube: Kathy Griffin

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