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Exclusive: Chaka Khan on Fragrance, Sleep and Celebrating the Rock Star in All of Us

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Ten-time Grammy-winning superstar Chaka Khan is about to launch a highly anticipated fragranceChaka by Chaka Khan, exclusively with HSN on November 14. The warm-cinnamon scent meets with woodsy notes and, among other things, is “a tribute to 50 years of music, memories and magic.” Here’s what it took to get it off the ground and what makes the 70-year-old tick.

What do you hope consumers will enjoy about this fragrance launch?

The essence and the packaging. I think music and scents hold memories for us. I looked at my musical journey, and I wanted to make something with love, like I do with my songs, that could be remembered. Every note of the fragrance was carefully chosen, filled with that in mind. My wish is to uplift your spirit, and the microphone bottle celebrates the rock star in all of us.

What was the most difficult thing about developing the scent?

Creating something that sang to everyone. I didn’t want it to be gender-specific—because love, passion and soul don’t have a gender, right? Making a unisex scent meant it needed to strike a chord with everyone and was unique to anything else out there. Try it and see what happens!

What are some of your all-time favorite beauty products?

Anything that works! If it brings out the best in me and feels right on me then its a hit with me.

What does your wellness and self-care routine look like?

For me, wellness is a personal and spiritual journey. I swear by Chinese herbs. Also, I find peace in meditation every day, it keeps my mind and heart aligned. And sleep. Sleep is my sanctuary. It’s where I rejuvenate and dream.

Describe your personal style.

I’ve never been one to be conventional. This is life. I live to be expressive with my music and my style. I believe in embracing ourselves and letting all of it shine through.

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