Thursday, May 30, 2024

Even Michelle Pfeiffer Needs Help Picking Out Concealer at Sephora — See Photos

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It can be incredibly overwhelming to shop for something like concealer. There are so many options: different brands, different formats, different areas of application, different coverage levels, and of course, different shades — many which look nearly identical to each other but are supposed to match completely different skin tones. It’s one of those undertakings that simply doesn’t get any less intimidating over time, even for legendary beauties like Michelle Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer has been sitting in makeup chairs for decades, but it appears even she needs a little assistance when it comes to selecting a concealer. On Thursday, June 15, she shared on Instagram that she took a trip to Sephora’s Fifth Avenue location in New York City to celebrate the arrival of her Best of Beauty Award-winning fragrance brand, Henry Rose. But in addition to enjoying the debut, she decided she needed a new concealer, so she asked a friendly Sephora beauty advisor named Lazaro Esteban Arias for help.

“I asked @lazaroestebanarias for a concealer recommendation. He grabbed my face and had his way with me and in all of three minutes created a miracle! I’m so grateful. Thank you, Laz for the great makeup tips,” Pfeiffer wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, which includes a selfie that shows off her fantastic complexion makeup, as well as a photo of Arias applying makeup to Pfeiffer’s face in what must have been one of the coolest moments of his career.

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